Cogneta offers organizations a full-service pharmacy management program that includes clinical advisory services, robust reporting and analytics and proactive PBM management with a market-leading PBM contract.

A PBM contract that puts you in the driver's seat.

No one cares more about the wellbeing of your employees than you do. That’s why our solution empowers you with the control and transparency you need to expertly manage your pharmacy program.

Smart cost containment solutions to control your bottom line.

Cogneta specializes in reducing pharmacy spend, with minimal impact on members. We rely on our proprietary technology to identify and predict waste within your pharmacy program. Our consultants then present these opportunities with unbiased advice and track the impact of interventions over time through the technology.

Provide better outcomes for your plan participants.

The pace of innovation in pharmaceuticals is staggering as incurable diseases can now be cured. Yet employers need a reliable way to measure outcomes of their pharmaceutical investment. We deliver these insights by integrating pharmacy and medical data to track and measure results, including high-cost specialty therapies, through our proprietary technology.

Discover the Cogneta difference.


Key Tenets of Cogneta

Strategic Review

Quarterly Review
of Pharmacy Performance

Ongoing Consultation
and Support

Reduction of
Specialty Utilization Waste

Discover the Cogneta Difference.

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